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Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism - K.A.R. 110-12-1-110-12-6, 115-40-1-115-40-6, 115-5-1, 115-5-2, 115-6-1, 115-16-5, 115-25-11, 115-8-1, 115-8-2, 115-8-23, 115-25-9a

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Date Added: 4/18/2013
Public Hearing Date and Time: Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.
Public Hearing Location: Finnup Center for Conservation Education, Lee Richardson Zoo, 312 East Finnup Drive, Garden City

K.A.R. 110-12-1, 110-12-2, 110-12-3, 110-12-4, 110-12-5, 110-12-6, 115-40-1, 115-40-2 , 115-40-3, 115-40-4, 115-40-5, 115-40-6, 115-5-1, 115-5-2, 115-6-1, 115-16-5, 115-25-11, 115-8-1, 115-8-2, 115-8-23, 115-25-9a.  K.A.R. 110-12-1 - 110-12-6.  These permanent regulations address agritourism regulations and are proposed for revocation as a result of ERO 36 and transferring authority from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism.   K.A.R. 115-40-1 - 115-40-6.  These new permanent regulations address agritourism regulations.  The regulations are proposed for transfer from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism as a result of ERO 36.  K.A.R. 115-5-1.  This permanent regulation sets legal equipment, taking methods, and general provisions for furbearers and coyotes.  K.A.R. 115-5-2.  This permanent regulation sets possession, disposal, and general provisions for furbearers and coyotes.   K.A.R. 115-6-1.  This permanent regulation sets application, authority, possession of furs, records, and revocation for a fur dealer licensee.   K.A.R. 115-16-5.  This permanent regulation sets operational requirements for wildlife control permits.  K.A.R. 115-25-11.  This exempt regulation sets open season and bag limits for furbearers.  K.A.R. 115-8-1.  This permanent regulation sets hunting, furharvesting, and discharge of firearms requirements on department lands and waters. K.A.R. 115-8-2.  This permanent regulation establishes certain requirements for blinds, tree stands, and decoys on public lands. K.A.R. 115-8-23.  This permanent regulation establishes restrictions on the use of bait while hunting on department lands.  K.A.R. 115-25-9a.  This exempt regulation establishes additional considerations for the 2013-2014 firearm, muzzleloader and archery deer seasons. 


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