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Board of Pharmacy K.A.R. 68-7-23

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Date Added: 6/09/2017
Public Hearing Date and Time: Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.
Public Hearing Location: Board of Regents Board Room at 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 520, Topeka, Kansas

K.A.R. 68-7-23. Dispensing and administration of emergency opioid antagnoists without a prescription. In accordance with 2017 HB 2217, this regulation creates requirements for pharmacist dispensing of naloxone to patients, bystanders, first responder agencies, and school nurses without a prescription in accordance with a statewide protocol established by the Board, including labeling, counseling, wholesale sales, reporting, recordkeeping, and other duties. The regulation also sets requirements for school nurses and first responder agencies (and employees) to complete training and education necessary to receive, carry, and administer emergency opioid antagonists.

Any economic impact on the Board will be related to general licensing, document processing and storage, and program compliance and oversight. Costs to the Board might appear in the form of administrative staff time, are anticipated to be minimal, and will be absorbed by current staff and resources. Pharmacists may experience an impact related to time reviewing the protocol, acquiring necessary training, and providing notification to the Board. However, the authority to dispense without a prescription is optional for pharmacists, not mandatory. Businesses (including pharmacies, first responder agencies, or schools) may be impacted by the staff time required for necessary training/education or the costs associated with acquiring the emergency opioid antagonist and storing the drug. Costs to private individuals or other businesses would not differ from the status quo, therefore, no impact is anticipated. In all instances, the Board does not anticipate any financial impact upon other governmental agencies, and the Board is unaware of any less costly or less intrusive methods to achieve the stated purposes and thus none were considered.

Board of Pharmacy K.A.R. 68-7-23

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