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Department of Agriculture K.A.R. 9-10-33a and 9-10-40

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Date Added: 6/16/2017
Public Hearing Date and Time: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Public Hearing Location: 1st floor meeting room 124 of the Kansas Department of Agriculture, 1320 Research Park Dr., Manhattan, Kansas

K.A.R 9-10-33a and 9-10-40.  The proposed regulations seek to align state regulations in regards to the licensing requirements and associated fees between Kansas public livestock markets and electronic livestock markets.

Economic Impact Statement:

            The present Kansas regulation that addresses the fees that an electronic livestock market must pay provides an inequitable situation between the electronic sales and the public livestock market facilities.  This change is to define the licensing and fee requirements for the electronic and public livestock markets as being equal.  This regulation is authorized by Kansas Statutes and is not mandated by Federal law.

            Based on current numbers of livestock that are sold via an electronic sale, the economic impact would be an increase of approximately $39,000 in fees.

            A small financial impact may be incurred upon producers as a result of this regulation if the electronic sale chooses to pass the inspection fee on to them; however, the impact will be very minimal on a per head basis.

            The alternative would be to leave the state fees as they are.  This was deemed as not appropriate because it puts the state’s public livestock markets at an economic disadvantage due to the higher fee they are responsible for.

Department of Agriculture K.A.R. 9-10-33a and 9-10-40

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