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Kansas Board of Pharmacy - K.A.R. 68-1-3a, 68-2-20, 68-7-12a, 68-7-15, 68-7-20, 68-11-2

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Date Added: 8/21/2017
Public Hearing Date and Time: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.
Public Hearing Location: Kansas Board of Regents Board Room, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 520, Topeka

K.A.R. 68-1-3a. Qualifying pharmaceutical experience. This regulation is amended to increase the number of hours required to complete one year of experience as a pharmacy intern to 1,740 clock-hours. This change is consistent with national standards and current training requirements of the two largest pharmacist feeder schools in Kansas.

K.A.R. 68-2-20. Pharmacist function in filling a prescription. This regulation is amended to provide consistency with statutes in the Pharmacy Practice Act. Pharmacists may only fill prescriptions written by practitioners or mid-level practitioners that would have commensurate prescribing authority if licensed or registered in Kansas. Additional amendments allow dispensing of a prescription drug based on a prescription that may have been issued based on a practitioner’s telephonic consultation with a patient, in response to chapter 34, section 6 of the 2017 Kansas session laws.

K.A.R. 68-7-12a. Non-resident pharmacies. This regulation is amended to require each non-resident pharmacy to designate a pharmacist-in-charge (PIC), which, by definition, must be licensed as a pharmacist in the state of Kansas and to require all practicing pharmacists employed by or under contract with the non-resident pharmacy to be licensed in the state where that pharmacist is practicing. In addition, each non-resident pharmacy will be required to provide the Board with a satisfactory inspection conducted within the previous 12-month period by the non-resident pharmacy’s state board of pharmacy. If none is available, the non-resident pharmacy may, at their expense, contract with a Board-approved third party for an inspection.

K.A.R. 68-7-15. Prepackaging or repackaging of drugs. This regulation is amended to allow pharmacists to dispense and repackage prescribed medications in conjunction with an ingestible event marker designed to ensure medication adherence.

K.A.R. 68-7-20. Shared services. This regulation is amended to require a pharmacy participating in shared services to be actively engaged in operating their pharmacy.

K.A.R. 68-11-2. Fees. This regulation is amended to include application and renewal fees for new registration/permit categories, including third-party logistics providers, outsourcing facilities or virtual outsourcing facilities, repackagers, and automated dispensing systems consistent with new federal and state facility licensure categories. In addition, the application and renewal fee for retail dealers is being rounded to the nearest dollar amount ($10).


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