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Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Division of Public Health, Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics - K.A.R. 28-1-1, 28-1-2, 28-1-4, 28-1-6, 28-1-7, 28-1-12, 28-1-13, 28-1-18

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Date Added: 12/01/2017
Public Hearing Date and Time: Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at 10:00 a.m.
Public Hearing Location: Flint Hills Conference Room, Third Floor, Curtis State Office Building, Topeka

K.A.R. 28-1-1. Definitions. Updates defined terms regarding infectious or contagious diseases, conditions, or other events of public health importance.

K.A.R. 28-1-2. Reporting requirements for infectious or contagious diseases and conditions. Specifies reportable conditions, timeframes for reporting, and information required for each report.

K.A.R. 28-1-4. Hospital reporting requirements. Updates language for consistency with other regulations.

K.A.R. 28-1-6. Requirements for isolation and quarantine of specific infectious or contagious diseases. Adopts the department reference document “Requirements for Isolation and Quarantine of Infectious or Contagious Diseases” to incorporate the most recent information for procedures to declare isolation and quarantine status of individuals with infectious or contagious diseases. Specifies that the secretary has authority to alter procedures based on the most current medical knowledge. Lists specifications for each infectious or contagious disease of public health importance and for infectious or contagious diseases for which no isolation and quarantine are required.

K.A.R. 28-1-7. Revoked. Contains provisions that are included in K.A.R. 28-1-6 and the department reference document adopted in that regulation.

K.A.R. 28-1-12. Release from isolation or quarantine. Updates language for consistency with other infectious or contagious disease and condition regulations.

K.A.R. 28-1-13. Rabies control. Adopts the department reference document “Rabies Control Requirements” to incorporate the most recent procedures for addressing control of rabies exposures and infections and requirements for isolation and quarantine.

K.A.R. 28-1-18. Reporting and submission requirements for laboratories. Specifies requirements for reporting information regarding laboratory testing for infectious or contagious diseases and other conditions of public health importance. Adds requirements for electronic reporting, specifies information to report, and lists specific diseases and conditions requiring specimen submission.



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